Next Generation Food Waste Management

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Restaurant or Small Business?

Learn how we're cutting waste bills in half by processing locally and responsibly

Save me money on my waste bill

Dyrt is a food waste management platform that provides visibility and simplicity for large-scale producers of food waste while simultaneously bringing compliance to an evolving regulatory environment.

On-Site Hardware

On-Site Hardware

Processes on-site, turning waste into compost w/ 4x volume reduction

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Unique customer profiles generate total ESG impact and traceability



Audit protection and government integrations

Sending food waste to landfills is destroying our planet. Every year, landfill sites produce 170 million metric tons of carbon. That's equivalent to 37 million cars driven for one year.

The Dyrt Ecosystem

Dyrt Machine

In-Vessel composting systems process food waste at the source

No trucking to offsite facilities. No water required. Simply food waste in and quality compost out.

We even collect the compost if you don't want it. (It's a lot of compost)

Dyrt Web Dashboard

The Dyrt Cloud offers previously-unavailable insight into ESG impact

A web dashboard to visualize and track the impact of composting, with metrics such as CO2e, Equivalent Trees Planted and Water Conserved.

Live-streaming of your impact data at a single or multiple locations.

Join us. We're building the solution to managing food waste at scale. It's no easy feat.

Get in touch. We're on an ambitious mission and we'd love to hear from you.

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